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Levixone reveals plan of building school in Karamoja

Levixone (R) with a volunteer from 92 Hands (L) handing out a relief package to a Kosovo, Lungujja – Kampala resident. Courtesy Photo.

Gospel music star, Levixone has revealed plans to develop the education sector in Karamoja district by building a school in this region.

His vision entails mobilizing children to go back to school adding that education is one of the keys that will help transform the life of the people in Karamoja.

This was revealed by the singer on Monday during an online meeting with Christian bloggers.

“A lot is happening in Karamoja. I was there. I work with an organisation called Fields of life where I happen to be an ambassador in East Africa. They were their doing some work. On our journey back, I reflected upon much of what I had seen. So many children are not in school because these institutions are far.” He said.

This development comes at a time the “Samanya” hit singer made public the preparations for “Levixone for Karamoja” music concert that will be staged at Uganda Museum in October this year.

“I told the organisation that if there is anything we can do, it is building a school. It will be easy for Children to attend school. They will give us a hand but furthermore, that is why we are doing this concert.” Levixone stated.

Away from Karamoja, Levixone, born Sam Lukas Lugolobyo is currently running several programs in the slum area of Kosovo, Lugala, Kampala.

Through a charity organisation, 92 Hands, they are supporting single mothers and orphaned children cope up with the harsh conditions in slums. They provide basic necessities that include food, scholastic requirements and moral/spiritual support to the residents.

“In Kosovo, many mothers have managed to look after their kids – fathers have disappeared – These men at times don’t feel it right being around their families when they cannot support them, yet a family is supposed to be supported by the head. They end up drinking, some of them have lost their mind. they have lost the care for  their children. We are here to give hope to the mothers that yes you can make it even without the father. We support them start small businesses where they can generate income to feed their families. We are doing workshops with 92 Hands to teach them how to live in such a situation.” Levixone said, sharing his faith that God will do mighty things and that we will see the change.

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