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Let your life preach, says Pr Robert Kayanja

Pr Robert Kayanja. Courtesy photo.

By Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Before you see a fruit, there are roots, a stem, branches and leaves. A tree comes from the root and a good tree must have a good root before it can bear good fruit.

Whatever is in the branch is because of what is in the root. If the roots are bitter, the fruit will come out bitter. The fruit is the work of the Holy Spirit and to bear it, you must be rooted in God.

When our fruit is tasted, it is supposed to be obvious that our roots are in the living God. When people taste our fruit and find that it is good, they praise our Father. Needless to say, the reverse is also true.

If they taste our fruit and it is not good, they will shun our God.

We need to be mindful of what is on the inside of our hearts. Most people present a wonderful outward appearance but inwardly, they are totally rotten.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts because out of them flow waters of life.

If we intend to bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit, we must be ready for Him to take some things out of our lives. We should surrender to Him fully and trust that whatever He does with us is all intended to help us bear more excellent fruit.

Pay attention to the Holy Spirit. Hold on to what He tells you to hold on to and let go of what He tells you to let go of.

You will not be like Cain, holding on to bitterness and such, that will instead contaminate the springs of living water in your heart. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Most of the time, emphasis is put on the fruit of the Spirit than on the root, but we should never forget that our root is God.

Transfiguration is like being grafted into a tree for the purpose of producing better fruit. We will not remain at transformation. We must be transfigured to the point that even our leaves change.

Every fruit has its own seed within it and the seed is for the multiplication of the fruit.

For this reason, we ought to be certain that we bear the fruit of the Spirit because the fruit we bear has in it seed that can be planted to produce another tree.

If the fruit is not good, how can we expect good seed from it? And if the seed is not good, how then can we expect to grow from it a good tree? We need to bear the fruit of the Spirit.

Jesus wants us to bear fruit that will remain just like Aaron’s rod did. For as long as Aaron held his staff, it was dead, but the moment he put it in the presence of God, it became alive and bore fruit within a mere twelve hours.

The best way to preach to rebellious people is by living a life that bears good tangible fruit.

They must desire our lifestyle. We must dominate and be in leadership. We have to be ablaze for Jesus. We must come to that level. In His presence, we have assurance of perpetual favor. If we learn to humbly lay bare before Him withholding nothing, then we shall become everything we ever dreamed of and even more.

We shall begin to realize the role of the Holy Spirit in everything we do and discover that He knows us best.

Excerpt taken from Pr Robert Kayanja’s 7th Book on the Holy Spirit.

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