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Katagaya lights a fire on lies about sex, love and relationships


Mr Michael Richard Katagaya (R) together with his wife Becky Katagaya (L). The two got married last year in October at Watoto Church. Martha Kay Photo.

As it becomes increasingly hard to hear talks and sermons on physical intimacy and relationships, the understanding of marriage has become strewn with lies and myths from all across different cultures in and out of Uganda.

If someone comes to you for advice, the individual trusts and expects you to provide them with real advice. But, for the love of all things good and righteous, many make statements that add more trouble to the other’s relationship.

Michael Richard Katagaya, a Christian author and social worker by training has decided to take courage, and address sexuality, love and relationships, lighting to flame lies and myths that many, young and old have believed and are actually passing on as legitimate information.

Married to Power 104.1 FM’s Becky Kategaya of the Bridge program, Richard says that, “at a time when marriage has been badmouthed, it’s only important that those who are not yet there are encouraged not to give up on this God-made institution and be equipped with practical skills and knowledge on successful dating and courtship.”

Through his new book titled ‘ForearmedBook’, Richard hopes to share the Gospel, and also primarily inspire young people to date and court in ways that bring honor to God and lead to marriage.

“The book exposes the truth, lies and myths about sex, love and relationships. Not forgetting the myths about sexuality, and aims to help people make the right choices that will prevent them from bringing trouble upon their lives, is upon us,” he says.

“The Book’s content has been checked against the Word of God and reviewed by folks with fruit,” he further reveals.

‘ForearmedBook’ will be launched on Friday 2nd September, 2016, at the Golf Course Hotel, in Uganda’s capital.

The launch will be graced by speakers; Pastor Joshua Mugabi, NTV’s Mujuni Raymond, Rev J Musa, Martha K Kamugisha, Ronnie Habasa among others.

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