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Karitas ‏talks faith on Power 104.1 FM

Karitas Karisimbi. Courtesy photo.

Renown media personality, Karitas Karisimbi says she gave her life to Christ Jesus at Worship Harvest Church – and that she is daily learning to live life with Him at the Center of it all.

This was revealed during an exclusive interview the mother of twins had during the Urban Edge Show on Christian radio station, Power 104.1 recently.

Karitas told the show hosts, Nkore John and Faith Murungi that her current mentor is Dr. Dennis Sempebwa, a member of legendary gospel group Limit X and team leader of Eagle’s Wings International, a global missionary organization dedicated to championing the Cause of Christ around the world.

“My family at Worship Harvest is walking with me in this new journey,” Karitas, who came to the lime light in 2000 as a sizzling host of then famous `Show time magazine’ on WBS TV said.

Born in Kampala, Uganda to a family of eight (8), Karitas during the show described herself as a ‘Nnalongo’ who talks for a living.

“I was born to a staunch catholic family, later to became a Charismatic,” she said, later revealing how she came head on with the realities of life in S.6 when she became a waitress at Hotel International in Kampala

It is here that she met Elvis Sekyanzi, a budding entertainment entrepreneur whose father Gordon Wavamunno owned WBS TV.

From WBS TV, she joined Capital FM and did an afternoon show and later a morning show. She also worked with East African TV until she quit the media to in 2006, to concentrate on her production, K-files and her hair products business.

Karitas currently hosts the ‘Chat Room’ program, an infotainment talk show focusing on relationships, family, relevant personalities and performances on  NBS TV.  She plans to start something with the youth and one of the avenues is to share her life story in a way to inspire them.

During the show, Karitas advised Christians saying whatever it is that you want to do – “with God at the center of it all, He will help you make grounded decisions.

“You can easily be swayed by so many things, but decide what you want to do; radio, music, art, dance, whatever it is. What do you want and what is your purpose in that area/field you want to go into? When you find your purpose, make sure that you love it like its the one thing that you want to do,” she said.

Karitas urged listeners to find a support network.

“You cannot do it alone – that is the problem nowadays that artists have, especially musicians. That is why the industry is not growing. People are failing to let in mentors to help them go further.

“How ever small you are, there are people looking up to you. So, make sure you surround your self with people who will help you grow that talent so it bares fruit, so that people who are looking to you will follow the right footsteps. We have many artists today, with may young people looking up to them, and they have no idea they themselves as artists where they are going,” she said.

Karitas was part of the Entertainers Huddle, spearheaded by among others Dr Sempebwa and Isaac Rucibigango of Limit X band. She intend to go around talking to girls/boys in schools, university to reach out and mentor.

“We are going to give them the info we never got, guide them and see how much change we can create,” she said. “I want to make a difference. I want to reach out to many millennial – And see if we can get to that place where they understand what life is all about.”

By Staff Writer.

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