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Julie Deborah officially ordained Pastor

Julie Deborah ordination on 27th May at Prayer Healing Tabernacle International Ministries Kibili Ggangu. 

Bishop Grivas K. Musisi, the Senior Pastor and vision bearer of Prayer Palace Ministries has ordained renown gospel artist, Julie Deborah as a Pastor.

The ordination happened on 27th May at Prayer Healing Tabernacle International Ministries Kibili  Ggangu – a Church Julie launched last year after surviving a fatal car accident together with fellow minister Simon Mirembe in Kyengera, along Masaka road in 2015.

Known for several hit singles that include ‘Ndi steady’, ‘Oli Kimuli kyange’, ‘Nkomyewo Kitange’ that turned her into a household name, Pastor Julie revealed that God laid it upon her to raise the next generation, maintain a praying spirit among believers and win people’s souls back to Christ through love.

Bishop Grivas K. Musisi whose ministry has over 258 branch churches countrywide, urged the newly ordained to commit to feeding the flock, and cautioned her on accountability.

He urged that may hold the pastoral title but what really validates them are the fruit they portray.

“How can I give you what I have not been given, or deliver you when i have not been delivered. How can I show you the way to walk when I don’t know the way,” Bishop Musisi said.

He heads an evangelistic organization “Mission 2000” with a divine mandate of reaching 68 million souls across Africa which he is doing through outreaches like Dunamis 103 FM, Crusades and Leadership Conferences which he conducts globally.

As many were skeptical about what really happened to Julie before and after this fatal accident, she used her speech at the grand launch of Prayer Healing Tabernacle international ministries Kibili Ggangu in 2016 to thank God for the miraculous escape from the jaws of death and a new chance to serve Him even better.

“When I had an accident. I was overwhelmed by what was said. It is true the accident brought about a slight re-location of my brain, with blood spilling into it. I was announced dead. When doctors came to cross examine my body, they said that my heart had stopped beating. They told those that had come to see me that if there were any chances of recovery, I would be mentally unstable thereafter. But there was always an intercessor on the inside,” she told believers then.

By Paul W Dennis.

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