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‘JESUS’ film has led a stunning 200m people to accept Christ

Jesus, played by Brian Deacon, heals a blind man in The Jesus Film. Courtecy photo.

A well-known movie about Jesus’ life continues to make a monumental impact across the globe after the film was recently translated into its 1,500th language — Daasanach — and presented to a small village in Ethiopia.

And, remarkably, the nearly 40-year-old film has been viewed by billions and has specifically led 200 million people across the globe to become Christians, according to Faith Wire.

The source says the film has been so rabidly translated that it was recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 as the “Most Translated Film” in history.

Josh Newell, director of marketing and communications for the Jesus Film Projects, told Faithwire that those who speak Daasanach are generally “nomadic, pastoral people who are spread between Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan.”

“There are a few churches that have been planted in the area over the past 50 years. The challenge with a church building is that is physically planted in one location, so a nomadic people have trouble making the leap,” he said. “Also, the churches have not had success in working together despite the remote nature of their location.”

“The intent is to launch a multiplying faith community and connect them with other believers in the area,” he said. “In fact, the church planter leader of Ethiopia Campus Crusade said to me, ‘the beautiful thing about the ‘JESUS’ film is that after 2 hours, you have the beginning of a church.’ We saw that first hand.”

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