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It’s okay to cry but after that, pray

Light the World Church – Nansana senior Pastor, Wilson Bugembe. Courtesy Photo.

We can all feel stuck at times in our emotions. They can be so strong that they literally dominate our thoughts and it can be hard to focus on anything else. Does God gives us a way to deal with tough emotions in life?

In this message to Christians on Sunday, Pastor Wilson Bugembe said it’s okay to cry during crisis, have meetings trying to solve issues but, some solutions in life will only come through prayer to God.

He noted that God wants us to understand that he cares about us and that we should take a step of faith and submit our anxieties to Him.

Satan should never steal the secret of prayer from you, Bugembe noted.

He cautioned believers regarding false prophets urging them to ask God for discernment before they fall into wrong people in the name of “God.”

“One day Paul was walking into a market, A young girl with a spirit kept following them, prophesying things that were true. But it was an evil spirit. She made a lot of money for her masters! She followed Paul for many days. This bothered Paul that he cast that demon out of her which led to Paul’s arrest! Do you know that even today, there are some people, pastors, prophets who prophesy things and if you don’t have a spirit of discernment, you can think they are true servants of God yet it’s an evil spirit upon them.” He asserted.

“Some demons don’t fear your success. They will Pursue you even when the Red Sea makes away. But the good news is, they will loose if you put your trust in Lord. They all perished in the sea.  Some people think now that they are rich, married etc , the devil left them! That simply because he is now a pastor, Satan said ‘am out of here’, Child of God, no matter where you are in life, pray.

“After being falsely accused, Paul and Silas were thrown into the inner prison. They chose to pray and worship at midnight while other prisoners were listening. They Probably thought these 2 were using prayer as a way of comforting themselves. God answers prayer, The foundations were shaken and the prison doors were opened, May God open any prison you are in, whether financial or relationships, Habits or worries. God opens prison doors when we pray.”

“Every miracle God does must help others come to know Jesus as their savior…Prayer is intentional especially to busy people! You must create time and a place where you and God talk! He does wonders, He does miracles.” Bugembe explained.

The singer celebrated his 33rd birthday this week. His simple appeal to those that cared enough to celebrate with him was; go out and help a needy person today.

He said he has become who he is today because someone cared enough to give him a shirt when he could not afford one, or food when he was hungry.

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