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It is our humble prayer to God to spare Kenya – Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta nearly broke down on Sunday, 22 Oct 2017, as the nation united in prayer ahead of the repeat election slated for Thursday this week.

Kenyatta said he is well aware there is a lot of anxiety in the country and there are those who do not know what will happen before, during and after October 26. Kenyatta however urged that through prayers the country can know all is well and that God is in charge.

President Kenyatta pleaded with congregants to uphold peace and not to allow politicians to incite them to fight.

This was during the national day of prayer at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru County located northwest of Nairobi, the capital.

“Even as I urge all Kenyans to come out and vote, those who will vote and those who will not must remember that after October 26 they will still be neighbours and they must continue to live together harmoniously,” President Kenyatta said.

He added: “If all Kenyans embrace peace, Kenya will emerge a stronger nation after October 26.”

President Kenyatta called on Kenyans to pray for the country after consultations with religious leaders last week, culminating in the national day of prayer held today across the nation.

Deputy President William Ruto, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and the Deputy President’s wife Rachel Ruto were among the thousands of Kenyans who thronged Afraha Stadium for the special interdenominational prayer service.

The Deputy President, William assured Kenyans that the country will continue on the path of stability after the October 26 fresh presidential poll but urged them to say no to the politics of tribalism and hatred that had the potential of plunging the country into trouble.

The further noted that the country is in uncharted waters following the ruling of the Supreme Court that annulled the August 8 presidential election but God is with Kenya and will take the country through the present situation.

He asked Kenyans – regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation or religious background – to join hands in ensuring that every talent and every resource in the country is used not to undermine the country but to prosper Kenya.

“It is our humble prayer to God to spare Kenya and take our country to a new level of progress, growth and stability – a nation where no one will be left behind and a Kenya we can all be proud citizens,” the Deputy President said.

The key note preacher, Reverend Teresia Wairimu of the Faith Evangelistic Ministries (FEM), quoting heavily from the book of Nehemiah in her sermon, implored Kenyans to be patriotic and join hands in building the nation.

“Kenya has the potential of becoming a great nation in the world. Let us put aside our differences and unite to build the nation,” Rev. Wairimu said.

She commended President Kenyatta, saying just like King Solomon he has done the right thing to call the nation to prayers and God will answer them.

Rev. Wairimu said Kenya’s destiny is in the hands of God and all will be well after the October 26 fresh election.

Controversial “Prayers” Elsewhere

An unknown group set up tents in Lucky Summer estate in Nairobi, along Thika road and were holding what they claimed was prayers.

However, suspicion arose when the group comprising of only men, some with dreadlocks, were seen slaughtering goats and allegedly taking raw blood, according to an eye witnesses that Citizen TV spoke too.

“Local residents moved to disrupt the gathering claiming the group was part of the outlawed sect performing a ritual and taking oaths,” Citizen TV reported.

One person was shot and injured as police moved in to contain the situation.

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