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Isingiro: Oruchinga refugee settlement gets new Church

Oruchinga settlement refugees kick off praise at their new Church built by Favoured Evangelistic Ministries International. Courtesy Photo.

Oruchinga refugee settlement in Isingiro district, South Western Uganda which hosts more than 6,900 refugees from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda has welcomed a new Church.

The temporary structure lifted at a time the refugees seem to express concern over hardships mounting from the increasing population, will allow many meet regularly and share hope, encouragement, and inspiration through God’s word.

Built by Favoured Evangelistic ministries International (FEMI), the ministry founder and President, Pastor Lamech Natukwatsa, while sharing news of this development said; I call upon you to join us as we reach the unreached with the message of hope and the risen Christ.

Oruchinga settlement, opened as a transit center in 1959 and was officially established as a settlement in 1961.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees recently said the settlement is not receiving new arrivals, aside from family reunifications, referrals, and protection cases.

Refugees reported instances of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and other violence, with inadequate assistance.

They also reported feeling afraid and threatened, especially while collecting firewood in neighboring communities.

“Young girls, pregnant or single mothers, and orphans are particularly vulnerable groups in terms of security,” the Commissioner said.

Although shelter and infrastructure have been relatively developed, and the refugees seem to be well integrated with the host community, protection concerns and conflict over land and resources remain a challenge.

By Staff Writer.

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