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In all things, let’s turn our eyes to God – Watoto Church

By Paul W Dennis

KAMPALA – As Uganda continues to mourn the gruesome murder of former Buyende DPC Muhammad Kirumira who now joins a list of several high profile figures who have been killed in the country in recent months, Watoto Church has launched a new sermon series that seeks to restore hope and help believers learn how to align themselves with the way God views the nation.

On Sunday morning, Pastor Ivan Bisaaso introduced the Church whose celebration points (branches) stretch across the country to a teaching entitled ‘I Love Uganda.’

“A Uganda flag in Watoto Church is an indication that we should pray for peace in our country.  Uganda should be safe again,” one of the Church attendants Katende Erick‏ remarked.

In a Tweet, the Church said in all things, let’s turn our eyes to the one who created all nations, and seek His word to guide us.

“God is calling us to love Uganda. He calls people everywhere to love their nations. God has given us Uganda as our inheritance. We are not here by accident

“We have an incredible Christian heritage that started with the coming of Christian missionaries in the 1880s, the East African Revival in the 1930s and the freedom of worship. The life, culture and development of the nation have been shaped on biblical values,” the Church said, quoting Acts 17:26-27  “…He sets the boundaries of people and nations, determining their appointed times in history…”

According to Pastor Edward Mwesigwa, the country does have giants to face, however the question is “what should be our response?”

“We have challenges in Uganda. There are giants of corruption, injustice, poverty, disease, increasing immorality and others. But we must not be discouraged and give up. Let’s not give into the negativity around us because there is hope,”

“God has blessed our land, we must respond to our challenges with courage and faith. Like Caleb and Joshua in the Bible, “Let’s go up and take control, because we can definitely conquer it (them),” (Number 13:30),”

“Let’s influence the nation and help our people believe God’s report about our land, see with the eyes of faith that we can defeat the giants and enjoy the blessing of God upon our nation,”

“We must believe that our country is blessed and with that attitude of faith and possibility, we shall take on the giants in the land and possess it,”

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