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I’m hurt when pastors fight – Bugembe tells Journalists

Light the World Church – Nansana senior Pastor, Wilson Bugembe. Courtesy Photo.

Pastor and gospel musician, Wilson Bugembe was asked by journalists on Thursday to address divisions among born-again Churches when he made an appeal to fellow pastors to attend the 24th November Worship Night at Makerere Sports grounds

He said there are so many pastors with differences and that some will come out to urgue because what the other has done (said) is not right.

“I don’t agree with those who abuse others. The body of Christ ought to be one. It hurts me when pastors in Uganda fail to settle their differences., and it confuses me. But I for one, all I’m left to do is pray. Praying that one day they will be one,”

He revealed during the press conference that Worship Night is set to draw State officials and over 1000 pastors, noting that this event is open to all, not Christians alone.

Chairman of the event, Pr Wilfred Rugumba together with the Superintendent of Police, Makerere, Mr. Nyanzi  guaranteed security for congregants at the venue.

“Worship nights is not here to build up walls over who is who. Our mission is to Worship God, regardless of where one prays from – even if you are not a church goer or are from Mama Fina’s. Every one is welcome,” he said.

“It is for people who want to give thanks. It involves healing and deliverance,” he said, later referring to Acts 16:25-34 for Paul and Silas experience with worship while in prison.

Addressing the event theme, Speed, Pr Bugembe said  it happens that some Christians lack speed in what they do in life.

“But God can accelerate your efforts. That is our theme. God created the universe in seven (7) days, and that is super sonic speed. And that night, that is what we are claiming,” he said. “Literally we are going to pray for speed. Things that should have taken 70 years, God will do it in a  twinkle of an eye,” he said.

“We are going to join hands and pray for Uganda, We are going to pray that God will save the parliament… I believe that Uganda will not have a blood shed in Jesus’ name. We are going to pray for south Sudan – and Africa at large,” he stressed.

“This worship night, I call upon pastors in Uganda, if you can spare time, do attend. It hurts so  much when you are building something as a church but then hear that another pastor elsewhere is speaking ill of it, yet he knows it is authentic but nevertheless speaks the contrary,” he said.

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