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#ILoveUganda: Viral hashtag unites Christians to speak life upon our nation

There is a lot to be thankful for in the land: IMAGE: Watoto

It is easy for one to think that Uganda has been forgotten or abandoned by God given the rampant unsolved gruesome murder cases,  corruption and injustice that has hit the country in the last few months. Rather than to give up all faith and hope in God leading, healing and restoring the nation, a section of Christians online have launched out into prayer with positive declarations from God’s word using the hashtag’#ILoveUganda‘.

This initiative started Sunday morning on twitter and it seeks to among others stir the faith of all believes not to let negativity rob them of God’s promises for the country.

Hashtags have been used many ways on social media, and on Twitter, these usually help in keeping one updated on trends. ‘#ILoveUganda’ is setting up a nationwide network of intercessors to cover the country, its leaders in prayer.

Many are offering thoughts and prayers for the people affected by the deadly shootings that have left a number of high profile figures dead. The latest being that of ASP Muhammad Kirumira, who was gunned down by unknown assailants near his home in Bulenga, Wakiso district on Saturday night alongside a lady identified by Police as Resty Nalinya.

Amid a growing consensus that Uganda’s future is in peril, Watoto Church is one of several Churches that asked Christians to speak prophetically what they believe God’s message is for the body of Christ and the nation as it experiences an escalating series of “shakings.”

“We must not be discouraged and give up. Let’s not give into the negativity around us because there is hope,” Watoto Church said in a tweet. “We must believe that our country is blessed and with that attitude of faith and possibility, we shall take on the giants in the land and possess it.”

The Churches agree that Uganda is facing turbulent times. Simultaneously, though, they believe there is still a great deal of hope, and blessings we should be thankful for.

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