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I won’t take sides on age limit – Judith Babirye

Incumbent Woman MP for Buikwe District, Judith Babirye has said the relentless arguments and chaos surrounding the controversial age limit bill will not cause develop nor will divisions among political parties stand beneficial to Uganda.

“Whether you are FDC and I’m NRM, as long as we are working towards the common cause of developing Buikwe , that is all that matters,” the celebrated gospel singer said while speaking at a consultative meeting in her constituency.

In her remarks, Judith said she will remain neutral and not interfere in favour of the ruling party or the opposition regarding the raging debate on the proposed amendment of Article 102(b) of the constitution which seeks among others lifting of the presidential age limit.

“This is up to you. You did not send me [to Parliament] to present my own interests. That is why I’m balancing my speech to both sides. You sent me to express your views. If a hundred tell me ‘togikwatato’ and two say ‘gikwateko’, that is what I will report to parliament,”

“The most important thing is presenting your interests before parliament,” she stated, noting there is no law that permits her to show which side she is in favor of or against.

She told her supporters not to believe rumors that the proposed age limit bill was passed, emphasizing that legislatures would otherwise not be in their constituencies for formal consultations.

“Our feedback to the House will determine if the constitution will be changed or not,”

The electorate however nearly turned chaotic when one stood out and strongly opposed the amendment. Judith was quick to respond, insisting that it was undemocratic for one person to come up and speak on behalf of the rest – “each person has their own choice to make,” she said.

This prompted security guards who were distant to stand close to Babirye.

At other consultative meetings the MP reportedly addressed, her statements quite contradicted the above.  One video making rounds on social media, which this website cannot verify sources, shows Babirye in her speech supporting of the controversial amendment, citing improved services, peace and stability in Uganda she credits to the NRM regime.

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