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I salute the many youth that flock the worship centres to pray to God

President Yoweri Museveni. PPU Photo.

By Aaron Sseruyigo

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday delivered his New Year message, saluting “the many youth that flock the worship centres to pray to God and to listen to the scriptures.”

The President cautioned Ugandans against what he called “illusions of miracle wealth.”

“God helps those who help themselves,” Museveni said.

The President’s speech was centered on nine key areas including corruption, rampant land evictions, economic growth, urban crime, youth unemployment and the current political struggle.

I advise those who flock to drinking centres and take narcotic drugs to seek for help. The NRM leaders in the localities should seek out these youth and help them with advice wherever possible. 

“Another advice to the youth is frugality. Do not be extravagant and showy.  Be frugal, simple and hardworking.  As a youth, I led my family and my area in modernization and wealth creation, away from the ancient traditional ways.  This was on top of the political work we were engaged in. We never wasted money on alcohol, luxuries, reveling (ebinyumo) or foreign travel.  The youth who listen to our advice, will succeed,” Museveni said.

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