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I pray for you, Judith Babirye – Bugembe opens up

Gospel musician Judith Babirye has made some major decisions in her life since becoming a member of Parliament. Before House was adjourned during the Christmas season, her once peaceful social media page, ‘Judith Babirye Music’ had turned chaotic as Christians and non Christians alike disagreed about her position on decisions of national importance, which legislatures had to seal off before the end of 2017.

As some denounced her and openly vowed to delete all her music from their play lists, purporting “betrayal”, others resolved to drop a prayer line or word of encouragement, expressing how her music continues to bless them.

Can fans of Judith Babirye, “the worshiper” and Judith Babirye, “the politician” be reconciled? In Uganda and across the diaspora, you cannot mention Judith Babirye and not  give ear to Pr Wilson Bugembe at the same time.

“She is my sister from another mother,” Pr Wilson Bugembe remarks.”The Lord has brought us from so far.”

Quite like Babirye, Media describes Bugembe as the sort of musician that fuses symbolism, realism and Bible teachings largely to appeal to both one’s intellect and emotions.

“Even if you are a pagan and do not want to listen to any preacher, you will at least appreciate Bugembe’s creative genius,” Diana Nabiruma of the Observer News paper recently remarked.

Bugembe opens up

Pr Wilson Bugembe says from zero the Lord picked him up with Judith Babirye. These remarks are contained in a statement the singer shared today, 20 January, on social following the 40 days of fasting at Worship House – Nansana.

“Keep singing. Keep leading. For Christ’s sake. You touch many lives,” he said.

“God has written a story that no witch doctor could ever write,” he continued. “I don’t know how life would be without you Judy! You are so anointed. You have changed the worship of today’s church.”

“I pray for you that you Keep Jesus’ fire burning even in parliament,” he added.

The last Pr Bugembe went deep to shared about Babirye’s political career – or otherwise happened when she won the parliamentary seat for Buikwe district, and at her concert months after the win.

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