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I know Judith Babirye inside out – Pr Bugembe

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Renown Pastor and recording gospel artist, Wilson Bugembe has spoken out about the ‘relationship saga’ surrounding Buikwe District woman MP, Judith Babirye. He has said that Hon. Babirye is incapable of sabotaging another woman’s marriage.

Earlier last month, social media went ablaze over a video in which a woman only identified as Lukia Ntale accused Babirye of being a “husband snatcher”. She purported that Judith Babirye intends to formally introduce her man (a one Ssebulime Musoke Paul), yet they have children – including twins.

Dr Joseph Serwadda was one of the clergy quick to react to the accusation – He advised Rukia to present documents that prove that she is the lawful wife to Mr Ssebulime.

The latest, Wilson Bugembe has said the accusations are politically motivated and orchestrated to ruin Babirye’s reputation.

“I come along way with Judith Babirye. When I saw a woman claim that she stole her husband, I purposed to ask Judie about it. I have not yet gotten in touch with her, but you should know that when a mango is ripe, stones will always be aimed at it.

“I do not think Hon Judith Babirye, a born again woman, can steal a fellow woman’s husband. I pondered upon it and thought this could be about politics, someone wants to ruin her reputation over votes,” Bugembe said.

Should the accusations turn out true, Pr Bugembe said either way the woman did not handle the matter responsibly by choosing to go to social media.

“I don’t think the solution is going to come off social media. I believe there are clan elders,” he said.

“I know Judith Babirye very well. She cannot do such a thing. If it really happened, could be that the man hid the other relationship from her,” he added.

In January 2017, Judith Babirye went to the high court to get a divorce and end her marriage to long time husband Samuel Niiwo.

Babirye, who wasn’t living with the husband, was lawfully considered married since none of the two had ever filed a divorce.

The singer through her lawyers, Ngobi Ndiko Advocates, filed a divorce petition to court, with paperwork submitted for approval showing reasons why she wants the marriage to end.

As reported by state owned newspaper the New Vision, Babirye gave 12 reasons why she wanted be separated from her husband, emphasizing that the marriage “is dead and cannot be revived.”

“The marriage was rocked by disagreements, Niiwo does not respect me or our marriage, he cheated on me, he had children out of wedlock and brought them to me, he does not look after our child, he used to beat me, he told his lovers all our secrets, he is hot tempered, he mistreated me, reconciliation failed,” the petition read in part.

Christians expressed mixed reactions over the matter, with some supporting her, and others quoting scripture urging “God hates divorce.”

By UG Christin News Correspondent.

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