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I don’t believe in God – Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda. Photo Credit: Kampala Dispatch

Journalist and CEO of news magazine, The Independent, Andrew Mwenda has described God as a dictator and denied His existence in the world today.

These shockingly remarks made Thursday during a live talk show on one local television station prompted the Christian community to respond with hysterical blog post comments.

Mwenda was in a heated argument about the controversial Age limit debate with politicians including FDC spokes person, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, Miria Matembe, Ofwono Opondo, Norbert Mao of the Democratic party among others.

“God says, it is not by might – of those guns you saw [in the city] and those tankers – it is not by power – which they [age limit removal supporter] have and talk with – but by the spirit of the living God.  I am calling upon those who are called believers, who worship in spirit and truth and faith to get on their knees and call upon our God. He will use his spirit and we shall succeed.” Miria Matembe said.

Andrew Mwenda wondered why Matembe referred to God, who according to the media critic, “does not have age and term limits in His Kingdom.”

“How can you use one dictator (God) to reign on another dictator (Museveni). God is a dictator.” Mwenda said, as he responded to Miria Matembe.

Mwenda’s statement drew similarities with one issued earlier during his interview with the Observer in 2014.

“Would you be considered to believe in God?” A reporter from the News paper asked. “No, I don’t believe in God.” He answered, “Even if you told me about him..I am very questioning of God.”

By Paul Dennis.

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