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How to overcome the lies we have believed

Pastor Eddie Mwesigye. Courtesy Photo.

Pastor Eddie Mwesigye of Watoto Church was teaching about the Holy Spirit when he urged listeners to embrace reading the Bible so as to replace the lies with the truth of God’s Word.

He stated that the world has for long been dominated with the spirit of lies and that everyone have at one point in life believed a lie. He noted that every time one opens their bible to read it, he/she overcomes lies that they have believed about the Spirit of God, people around them, races among others.

Some Christians seem to think that the Holy Spirit was a stranger to the Old Testament and had nothing to do with the Church. This, Pastor Eddie explained, is a wrong perception.

“In the Old testament – When the Holy Spirit came upon the Churches, it was for the purpose of delivering the children of Israel for a season. To the prophets, He was given to them so that they declare forth the mind of God so that the Children of God would know what God wanted them to do in their season.

“But then later, Prophet Joel looked into our days and spoke forth these words in Joel 2:28: “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.”

“Notice this – On all people, not some people. In the Old testament it was some people for a specific mission for a particular time.  But in out days, His Spirit has been given to all of us – men and women, young and old, educated or uneducated. All of us are candidates to the work of the Holy Spirit…” Eddie explained.

Pr Eddie believes the life Jesus promised to believers in John 10:10 is a result of an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, Pr Eddie says, we can never experience the abundant life God promised us.

“The God-kind of life is a result of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. That is why you should know Him. Throughout the ages, the Holy Spirit has been misunderstood, not because He cannot be understood but because people have decided not to understand. That is the work of the enemy. He [knows] that when you understand the Holy Spirit, you are going to live a victorious life. No wonder many people in the Church do not know him,” revealed Eddie.

In the sermon the pastor elaborated that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, is a person, and has a will.

“Many have also misrepresented the Holy Spirit where they use there personality in the name of the Holy Spirit. If you get to understand the Holy Spirit, you will fall in love with Him. because we love according to knowledge. Who is the Holy Spirit? He is God. And as God, He has all Godly attributes… He knows you more than you know your self – Knowing Him, will help  you know your self,” he continued.

“He is everywhere, every-when. He is in your past, present and future at the same time. When you have a relationship with Him, he will guide you. The Holy Spirit is a person, He has a personality. Why is this important? Because we build relationships with with people, not with things. The Holy Spirit has a will/personality (Eph 4:30, Acts 16:6). When you walk in sin as Child of God when He has told you not too, he is grieved,” He added.

While teaching, he warned the congregation against lies that the world teaches and urged them to adopt the habit of reading the bible and avoid the “The Man of God syndrome” as he called it, where Christians are moving from different fellowships and not established in what the Bible says.

“…..and the Church today is in a big big problem. We have this man of God syndrome where you just trust me. Pastor said, apostle said, evangelist said – no –  ‘the Bible says’ is what we need to hear,” he said.

“And the truth that the Holy Spirit uses does not come from a strange place, man of God, it comes from the bible. Have you read it lately? He comes to help us overcome all  prejudice and lies against our selves. He comes and uses the world of God,” he added.

By Musasizi Peter.

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