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How to make it through a time of transition

Kimuli Michael

By Kimuli Michael

Moses had told the children of Israel that the Lord was going to rescue them from their captivity in Egypt, and the Lord had sent him to Pharoah with the message, ‘let my people go’.

Exodus 5:11 recounts, that when Moses said this to Pharoah, he instead intensified the labour of the Israelites and made their work harder.

The Israelites started to doubt, they did not understand that they were experiencing a transition that was to lead them to their turning point, of finally leaving Egypt.

A turning point is when things suddenly turn around from one extreme to another; it may be in your life, family, work or level of spirituality.

But before a turning point, there is a period of transition, a time when you are moving from one point to another and this where most people fail!

A transition announces a turning point, yet most people do not understand how to deal with this period because of its intensity. Many people lose hope during transition.

During this time, there’s a shift happening in your life in the spiritual realm, it is okay if you don’t understand what is happening in your life or why things are turning out the way they are, just understand that the Lord is doing it for your betterment.

He is taking you from the familiar to the unfamiliar, and the unfamiliar is not understood, but you better bear.

You must understand that transition time is a time of intense warfare, you must pull out weapons of warfare that you don’t often use, like prophetic praise, declarations and actions. You must increase your level of prayer and also close your ears to natural voices, lest they pull you down.

We often shout, ‘Lord, move me from glory to glory.” But do we really understand what it takes? It is never easy, beloved, there is a price to pay.

Let’s take a look at Jesus, the bible says he humbled himself and took on the form of man, thus God exalted his name above every other name. But what did it take?

Jesus understood the period of his transition and he increased his volume of prayer because this was his way to glory, the bible recounts in Mathew 26:36 that Jesus went up to Gethsemane to pray, and he took with him only Peter and the sons of Zebedee and told them, “my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, please watch with me.”

During a time of transition, you must not be with everyone, be with only a few people who understand the journey you are on. You can easily go off track with the wrong people.

Yet the bible says Jesus still left these men and went further to talk to God. What do you do when things are not going right in your life? Do you inquire of God or of people? If only you did, he would tell you what is happening, the problem is what people say means more to you than what God says.

Luke 22:41 says Jesus being in agony, he prayed more earnestly until his tears became like drops of blood.
Then an angel appeared to him from heaven and strengthened him. Beloved, there comes a time when your strength no longer comes from men, but from heaven.

You are going through a painful transition, God is changing your position and status, but you have failed to understand what the Lord is doing. Stop fighting God; you are only delaying the process.

Things don’t have to first make sense, I don’t think Joseph’s dreams made sense when he was being taken to Egypt. Or when Mordecai was about to be elevated and Herman set up a gallow for him.

But they may have taken away your tunic, but they did not take away your favour. They may have sold you to Egypt Joseph, but they sold you with your dreams. What will propel you is unknown to man, things don’t have to make sense to you or to people, as long as they make sense to God.

Pr Michael Kimuli is the vision bearer and senior pastor of Christian Discipleship Ministries Int. He is married to Sarah Kimuli, and together they have 8 children of which 3 are adopted.

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