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Here to equip Christian men to win life’s battles

Apostle Grace Lubega, the team leader at Phaneroo Ministries International . Photo | Courtesy.

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA – Phaneroo Ministries International has embarked on a mission to provide men with tools to deepen their relationship with Jesus and also take the next step as Christian influencers in their homes, church and workplace.

The ministry announced the ‘MEN GATHER’ event scheduled to take place on 2 February 2019 at UMA Multi-Purpose Hall in Kampala.

Last year, while introducing the event, Apostle Lubega explained how fatherlessness is one of the prevailing issues affecting this generation.

He noted that the condition has left a noticeable mark on society, and church at the same time.

In a lengthy video shared online, the preacher added that titles and positions of authority are not to built personal egos but stir responsibility. 

“When we wanted to discus the issue of men, ideally, the thoughts that came to our spirits are the things we want to address and feel are serious questions,” Apostle Grace said at that time.

“Some have come from a place of disappointment in what we have had as a picture in the fathering movements,” he added.

Apostle Grace noted that many of the young men do not have direction.

“Some have career issues, some its commitment issues, others it is maturity issues,” he asserted.

Is there a possibility of rebuilding, restoring, and replenishing Christian men? With confident in Daniel 12:4, Apostle Grace Lubega urged that the bible is very clear that in the last days knowledge shall increase.

Through ‘Men Gather’, he said the people of God can bring hope to a fatherless generation, setting them upon the rock foundation of Christ.

The gathering is expected to draw several preachers, musicians, and discussions will be uncensored with no inhibition.

“We shall align the vision of God for every man, away from a gender concept to a fuller understanding of the essence and abilities of every male figure in whichever form they take; be it in families, in communities, at work places and their roles and how to live as a man before God,” the Ministry said, according to local media.

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