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Gospel musicians anointed for life-changing ministry in Uganda

Gerald Rovis Misinde, the lead Pastor of Bethel Covenant Connection and Program Director at 104.1 Power FM has encouraged and and anointed music ministers with oil.

Gospel musicians under umbrella organisation, Uganda Gospel Artists Federation in partnership with Christ Heart Ministries International on Thursday hosted Gerald Rovis Misinde, the lead Pastor of Bethel Covenant Connection, for a power packed evening that saw the group anointed with oil and encouraged in faith.

The meeting held at Mabirizi plaza in Kampala was graced by several well known figures in gospel music including Martin Sseku, Pastor Hum Kay, Minista Sami K, Fortune Spice, Phila Kaweesa, VIGA Awards CEO Prince Nick Nyombi, Power 104.1 Fm’s Mike Presson among others. 

In his remarks Pastor Rovis urged that musicians cannot effectively lead and create impact without a healthy relationship with God.

“For long the world has known you as gospel artistes. There is a difference between an artiste and a minister. That is why scripture is taking us to a place of saying, ‘you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house’ (1 peter 2:5).

“Being built means the process is not done, but ongoing. Three things happen to a believer when they get saved; Justification, Sanctification (which happens daily, through the word of God) and third being glorification,” Pr Gerald said.

He explained further, “There is nothing wrong with releasing an album, doing a concert and singing to a congregation. But the first responsibility for you as a minister of God is your relationship with Him. ‘Holy Priesthood’ means you are daily being sanctified. You cannot function as a minister until your number one responsibility is to stay in the presence of God.”


L-R: Pastor Hum Kay, VIGA Awards CEO Prince Nick Nyombi, Minista Sami K and Martin Sseku

The father of three married for over 10 years said ‘staying in the presence of God’ means a life of surrender and obedience.

He tipped the congregation on preparation noting that ‘Time with God’ is something many do not want to hear especially if they grow to fame.

“When your inward flow is malnourished, your outward service will be dis-functional. When you draw from a source that is empty, you will not deliver,” he said.

He told the ministers God is preparing an army/generation of people who are not defiled and have not bowed down to prophets of Baal .


Pr Gerald Rovis Misinde prays and anoints Fortune Spice.

“God is going to prepare men and women who are hungry for his presence. They do not need to go to the best producer! Sometimes all you need is to have fellowship with the Holy Ghost, when the glory of God falls on you, you get revelation to write music no body can write about. When the glory of God comes upon you, you get a unique idea. Problem is we what to do what everybody is doing,” he said.

The group later took holy communion and was anointed with oil amid prayer. Also present was the Christ Heart Ministries International youth Pastor who edified the listeners and dedicated the city before God.

“Wheresoever gospel ministers step, there music will change lives. Concerts will never be the same again,” he remarked.

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