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Gospel artists feeding needy families this Christmas

Several gospel artists have through their charity organisations once again launched campaigns aimed at feeding families experiencing extreme hardship, long-term illness and homelessness in Uganda this Christmas.

Singer and producer, Coopy Bly, board director of Yimba Uganda said his initiative shared generosity, kindness and Christ’s love to over a hundred families within the communities of Katwe, Wairaka and Masese in Jinja last year, Demenber  – and are prepared to do the same this year.

Motta Africa who frequents Kisenyi slums with not just food but spiritual support to street Children through his organisation Baba Yangu Foundation announced to his social media audience on 10 December that a love gift of $10 will give a hot nutritious meal to hungry children through this season.

“Our target this year is to feed a hundred families! That means we need a hundred of our friends, family and well wishers to donate $10 or more!” Yimba Uganda issued a statement on 13 December.

Levixone, who arrived recently from his tip across Ireland, UK raised $615 this week in just 24 hours through a GoFundMe campaign started by ’92 Hands’ where he is co-founder. This, with more contributions expected will feed families in Kosovo slums this festive season.

Motta Africa, brother to popular singer Exodus believes Christmas is a time of year where families come together to celebrate and exchange gifts however, according to Motta, some individuals go through Christmas on empty stomachs and no one to show them the love of Christ.

His team will visit the slums starting 16 December.

Yimba Uganda recalls last year: “Each package was warmly welcomed with a variety of huge smiles, excited squeals, warm hugs and tears of gratitude. Despite being a small gesture, which would only last a couple of days, the families were so genuinely grateful and appreciative that there was some one thinking of them, and wishing them happiness this Christmas,”

Yimba Uganda’s pack to each family this year costs $10 – including food such as rice, sugar, potatoes, cooking oil, beans, vegetables and a chicken.

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