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God kept me through it all, Cooper Ssali reflects on 2017

Cooper Ssali of award winning group, G-way reflects on 2017, offers encouragement for 2018. Photo Courtesy of subject.

“I’ve watched Him take me from a place of existing to a place of living abundantly in Him, as promised,” Cooper Ssali who ministers with gospel group, G-Way has said.

When hard times of pain and disappointment weigh on you like a rock, you can either let them press you down until you become discouraged, even devastated, or you can use them as a stepping-stone to better things.

“I occasionally got swept off my balance by the challenges I had to face but am grateful most of them changed my perception about life, lost some of the battles but am thank to the Lord for the victories He granted me,”

Gospel minister, Cooper Ssali took off time on social media on Tuesday to reflect on the events that unfolded in his life last year, noting that this was aimed at helping him plan better and eventually stand stronger and embark on a journey through the new year.

“2017 had many disappointments,” he stated.”I however thank God for the appointments that came along,”

Cooper wrote that although he lost some loved ones to a great extent that he almost lost sense of direction,”the Lord, He kept me,” he said.

He used the experience to share with his audience about God’s promises as 2018 further unveils.

“She, 2018, is a gift to everyone reading this message, she holds so much potential to alter our lives, bringing us into our God ordained purposes if handled with the fear of the Lord (with wisdom). Its important to walk into 2018 knowing the truth that years have gates into them, they have ears and they have hands to deliver to us what we command them to in the name of the Lord as we travel through their avenues,” he said

“May this be your year to put your trust in His word (Jesus), with all your heart and lean not alone on your own understanding may you acknowledged Him and your journey through 2018 will be smooth,” he continued.

“May Deuteronomy 28 be your portion, may you be blessed as go in and as you come out, may you be blessed at your place of work as well as in your house, be blessed in the city and in the countryside may the nations of the world call you blessed this year, may all your good seed be blessed, may all your dreams come to pass, may you see the goodness of the in the land of the living, with long life may the Lord satisfy you and your people, may He fight all your battles this year while you stand still learning more about Him being your God, may His blood cover you and yours, may it speak better words to you and your households, may the traps of the evil one bare no harm towards you and yours, may the Lord come quickly to your rescue when you call as you observe Isaiah 58 to follow it,” he concluded.

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