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God instructed me to come to Uganda – USA Pastor

“God is sending us around the world, but I got an instructed me to come to Uganda first. This is a very sentimental moment for me,” the Pastor said. Courtesy photo.

A USA based Pastor fought back tears during a gospel gathering in Kampala when he revealed how God instructed him to leave his home country for Uganda.

Pastor Michael Ferb who served with internationally acclaimed Christian minister and televangelist Marilyn Hickey of the Marilyn Hickey Ministries and Robert Morris of Gateway Church told hundreds of believers on Saturday that “God instructed me to come to Uganda.”

This was during the “Only Jesus” (Yesu Yeka) gospel gathering organised by Pr Brian Ssempebwa of Love Christ Ministries International at St John’s Ambulance – Buganda Road, Kampala.

“God is sending us around the world, but I got an instructed me to come to Uganda first. This is a very sentimental moment for me,” Pastor Michael said moments before breaking down in tears, which left the congregation silent.

He was quick to urge the congregation not to misinterpret his tears for weakness.

His speech came after an invitation he received from Noah Sematimba, a pastor at Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries who was a key not speaker that evening.

The New Yolk resident of South African origin, spoke of the humility with which he stood at the pulpit to share what God had placed upon his heart.

“I was sitting in a plane, next to an older lady, and the Lord gave me a word particularly for the next generation from Uganda.  I didn’t want to disturb her to get to my bag. I asked her; Mum, can I use your pen? And she had a serviette tissue on her tray. I told her, can I ask you for one more thing, your tissue, and she gave it to me.

“And this is what the Lord said to me; write. Within 5-10 minutes I had no more space on that tissue to write,” he said.

The pastor explained that we are in a very “historical and strategic time” for what the Lord is doing.

“And all God was saying is tell them and the next generation; don’t take this lightly, make it count. God is about to further stimulate you in every moment someone stands before you.  He is about to reinvigorate you and activate you into places you have not dreamed of,” he said.

Pastor Micheal said that God is looking for men after His own heart.

“You may have been through somethings, brokenness –  this is what the Lord would say; make it all count – God always know what He is doing, because He is after the heart. And I want you to know that thought [you have] many talents, dreams and ambitions, give Him your heart and make every moment count,” he said, “I just stopped by to let you know that Uganda is the place to be this time.

“Get a hold of God with whatever you’ve got. Glory Him with your healing. Honor Him with your substance as Solomon said, and with the first fruits of all your increase; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine,” the preacher said.

Also present at the gathering was Pr Gerald Rovis who shared on Holy Communion, Musician and Pastor Brian Lubega among others.

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