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God has called me to worship ministry – Desire Luzinda

Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda. Courtesy photo.

By Aaron Sseruyigo

Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda on Monday gathered journalists within the capital, Kampala to announce her departure from secular music in order to pursue her calling in Christ. This discussion, she said, didn’t happen over night.

The singer is much remembered for her 2014 scandal in which she told the country her former boyfriend circulated her nude pictures for revenge.

It is during this controversial season of testing that Desire says she encounter God and experienced life-transforming peace.

“I drew closer to God, I felt like I was indebted to serving Him for what He had done for me,” she narrated, quicky grabbing the attention of all journalists.

“As we entered 2015, my career skyrocketed. I felt a new breath on my life. A new kind of favour and peace. I felt like I had been born-again in the industry. This did not change the fact that there was a lot of backlash and stigma in the industry. However, the love from many others grew stronger too,” she added.

Desire told the media reporters as much as her career grew, she was tired of the sex appeal that followed my name.

“I desired the world to know the real me and feel the need to focus on something better than who I was yesterday. Praying harder and seeking God deeper, I engaged in Church activities as choir leader and hence forth, I knew it is where I belonged.

“The moment I touched the microphone, I was different from who the one the world knows. The [zeal] for worship begun to manifest in my life, and I begun to hate the secular music,” she said.

The singer said she wanted to quit, but the question was, “how do I do it?”

On the eve of her birthday, August 14th 2016, Desire said she felt the Holy Spirit lead her into writing about her transition she was going through.

“Much as I tried hard to hold on to the microphone and pursue my career, deep within me, I knew I was transitioning into what the Lord had called me for; I’m a worshiper, I’m not afraid to say it. I am actually very proud,” she told journalists.

“I have spent two years, praying and seeking God on how to transition, and this is one of the stakes to my journey. This being my last album, I confess, I have a huge attachment to it and it will forever hold sentimental feelings,” she continued.

“I’m now switching to God. I’m switching to gospel music. I’m proud of that. I’m Born-again and hope this last album touches someone out there.  It is different from the music I have done in the past,” she concluded.

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