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Gerald Rovis: Faith turns God-given dreams into reality

FILE – Pastor Gerald Rovis Misinde. Courtesy Photo.

By Aaron Sseruyigo

KAMPALA – Gerald Rovis Misinde, the lead Pastor of Bethel Covenant Connection has encouraged Christians to operate in faith all the time, noting that God is ready and willing to work in miraculous ways wherever faith resides.

Speaking at Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries on Wednesday, Pastor Gerald who is a former Program Director at 104.1 Power FM explained that many Christians are going through certain issues in our life for which they are afraid of stepping out in faith by letting God intervene.

“Faith turns God-given dreams into reality because He is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. Faith unlocks the promises of God and shows us the power of God. Faith gives us the power to hold on in tough times,” he said.

Pastor Gerald emphasized that there is no experience with God that negates faith.

“For your ministry to come into existence, you must believe and place your confidence and trust in God,” he said.

All the patriates in the bible, look at Abraham, He believed that he would be the father of all believers. Look at Joseph, he believed that one day he would save his family  and the nation. This ingredient called faith opens the doors to miracles. If you read the bible, you will find that every-time God moved on the earth, it was because someone believed,” the 35-year-old said.

Citing Matthew 13:58, Pastor Gerald Rovis told the congregation had the people of Nazareth not doubted Christ, the verse could just as easily have read, “Jesus did many miracles there because the people believed in Him.”

“The greek word for believe is Pisteuo. It means; to think to be true, to be persuaded of, to credit, place confidence in the thing believed,” Gerald, also a former lecturer at Uganda Christian University explained.

He encouraged believers to develop a consistent prayerful life adding that “when you pray, you have given the burdens to the one who is able. That is faith.”

“The problem with believers, especially in this dispensation of grace is that they think that we can outdo with law. There is a law of faith, when you believe in the written Word of God, it starts to operate. The onus is on God to fulfil His Word.” Gerald said, later quoting Mark 11:22-24.

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