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Fresh graduates flock churches to thank God

On Sunday, several fresh graduates flocked various Churches across the country to thank God and also seek pastoral blessings as they venture out job opportunities.

A total of fourteen thousand, eighty five (14,085) students were last week awarded degrees and diplomas of Makerere University in various disciplines.

Of these, 71 received PhDs, 996 Masters Degrees, 96 Postgraduate Diplomas, 144 undergraduate diplomas and 12,778 Bachelor’s Degrees.

“We want to correct the error of people graduating and struggling after,” Prophet Brian Kagyezi remarked on Sunday as several graduates graced the Church Sunday service in Kyanja.

His statement follows a recent report that claimed at least nine in every 10 Ugandans who have completed any form of education in Uganda are unemployed.

Prophet Kagyezi, who is the founder and vision bearer of Pneuma Word Ministries prayed and connected the graduates to “great places in Jesus’ name.”

At Praise Cathedral – Ntinda, the lead pastor, Dr Godfrey Kamese had his eldest son, Joel Kamese listed among the fresh graduates from Makerere University College of Engineering, Design, Art And Technology.

Dr Godfrey Kamese and wife, Edith acknowledged the growing unemployment levels in Uganda, but were confident of God’s favor upon the graduates.

They testified that their son had pursued his course on government sponsorship, and successfully completed it “without a retake or missing marks” – a growing epidemic at the institution.

The same mood of jubilation hit House of Prayer Ministries Kikoni, which is located within the vicinity of Makerere University. Here, graduates testified of God’s faithfulness and provision before they dressed their pastor, Aloysius Bujjingo in full graduation attire amid praise for over an hour.

In his speech, Pr Bujjingo urged parents to embrace the habit of educating children.

The Makerere University Chancellor Prof. Ezra Suruma last week, congratulated all graduands upon reaching this tremendous milestone and encouraged them to ask God for a vision to which they can be committed to live a life that is focused to a noble cause.

“May you be blessed with the courage to try new things, the grace to endure hardships of life and the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor,” he said. “Please keep going. Do not stop. We live in a competitive and often ruthless world. There is very little room for complacency. The battle for survival is just beginning.”

By Paul W Dennis.

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