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Pr Bugembe building new mega-Church

Light the World Church – Nansana demolished.

UG Christian News has learnt that well known gospel musician and lead pastor of Light the World Church – Nansana, Wilson Bugembe has with the congregation pulled down the wooden structure upon which the church stood for over eight (8) years.

“This is good news,” the pastor said on Thursday, revealing that they are set to lift a bigger and better church building, with ample parking space.

“We thank God brethren, the church has been demolished. One of the characteristics of living things is that they grow. We are growing. It has been a small church,” he said, noting that only the administration block was left standing.

As Christians celebrated the move on Wednesday, Council authorities in Nansana led by Jackson Tumushabe were seen at the premises raise complaint over what they called “unsafe and unlawful procedure” taken by the Church to carry out the demolition.

The group said Bugembe ought to have sought a demolition order and also submitted a project plan for the new construction.

Bugembe took to social media to apologize, saying he was naive of the fact that he needed authorization to commence demolish.

World Church – Nansana congregation joins Pastor Wilson Bugembe in demolition of former church structure.

“I want to thank everyone who generously contributed towards the church development. We are going to use a tent through 2018, and in 2019 kick off construction to raise a building that over looks the capital – Kampala,” Pr Bugembe said.

Light the World Ministries was started in 2003 at the Highway College of Makerere. While in school, Pr Bugembe with four other comrades became serious about their relationships with God and began sharing the Gospel with friends and students at their school and eventually around Kampala. As their faith grew, so did their following.

Through a series of dreams and prophecies, Wilson shared his vision for Light the World Church with the other three pastors. After much prayer, fasting and planning, they decided to hold services in the village of Nansana. So, on January 18, 2004, the church held its first service.

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