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Forgive her – Pastor whose wife faked own kidnap told

Pastor Shadrack Kusubira of Noah’s Ark Church.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire on Tuesday arrested Mariam Kusubira, wife of Pastor Shadrack Kusubira of Noah’s Ark Church in Namasuba, Kampala on suspicion of giving false information related to self-kidnap.

Several Church leaders have responded to this development, with Pastor, author and marriage Councillor Cyrus Rod of Dominion Church in Kisaasi calling upon the preacher to forgive his wife.

“Maybe it’s time for the pastor to express the same love Jesus showed him in that while he was still a sinner, He gave attention to him by dying for him,” Pastor Cyrus said.

Mariam Kusubira went missing last week on Wednesday.

“She left home like any other day, and was escorted by one of the children. She took a taxi, and that was the last we heard from her,” Pastor Kusuubira earlier told Journalist.

The Pastor said he received a call moments later only to be told his wife had been kidnapped. Mariam’s ‘kidnappers’ demanded 50 million shillings in ransom to set her free.

The pastor reported the kidnap to that OC Station of Namasuba, Kikajo zone – and residents, including 400 pastors of the Makindye-Ssabagabo Division Pastors Fellowship and Association gathered at Life Church in Namasuba to draw an action plan as regards the matter.

Little did Pastor Kusuubira and the entire Church know the kidnap was staged with the motive of extortion.

Mariam Kusubira was found by the Police at one of her daughter’s home in Namasuba, Entebbe Road, and reports show, will be charged with giving false information to the Police.

“With media breaking the story of the pastor’s wife who kidnapped herself in order to extort money from her husband who is her pastor too, many condemn her,” Pr Cyrus Rod said.

“Many now feel like this is the time to kick her out! What she did was wrong, but the beauty of it is that, her actions have destroyed the facade that many pastor’s wives are still skillfully putting out there,” he stressed.

Pr Cyrus speculates that maybe, Mariam Kusubira’s desire “for attention she probably has been missing from the man of God who is saving the world but maybe forgot her”  could have prompted self kidnapping.

Like Mariam, Pr Cyrus believes many Pastor’s wives are totally ignored and neglected by preachers who double as husbands too.

“Pastor, you have time for every parishoner and you exercise patience to all but your wife hardly receives any of that. You are scared to stand and correct her in love. You take care of orphans and widows while your own children go naked and hungry.What religion is this?

“How can you take the gospel to every creature out there when you can’t save the very one you promised to love as Christ loved the church?” the Pastor wondered.

Pastor Cyrus said Christians should support and encourage Pastors to prioritize their family, “especially in times like this.”

To differ from Cyrus, Pastor Francis Kwezi believes this report, among many more making headlines in the country, signals the need for the Church to turn to God in repentance.

“If it’s true, “Righteousness exalts a nation” then sin abase a nation. We should stop blaming politicians, police and all government agencies,” Pastor Francis Kwezi said.

“If you don’t like what you see and hear, change the album. It’s that simple! Nothing will help our country till the mocking of God stops. Where is the gospel we preached in the 80s? The gospel of holiness and righteousness! The gospel that changed killers to good citizens! The gospel that made people stop lying to each other, and live in harmony,” he explained.

“We have the keys but due to hypocrisy, we have denied many to heaven and opened gates of hell to our own. You can pray all you want, if your life is not parted from sin, it’s a waste of time and energy,” he added.

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