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Follow Jesus for the right reasons, says Bishop Kiganda

Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda. Courtesy photo.

Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda, the senior pastor of Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo, Kisenyi has told believers to have authentic motives for being followers of Jesus Christ, noting that wrong motives have weakened the church and disillusioned many professing Christians.

Bishop Kiganda who doubles as founder of 93 Kingdom FM, said in his Easter sermon on Sunday that Christians should not follow Jesus because of what they get out of Him on a day-to-day basis, but because of who He is and what He did at Calvary.

His sermon titled ‘Why do you love Jesus?’ was drawn from John 20:11.

“For many of us, loving Jesus is becoming so difficult because we do not have reasons why we should love Him.  You always need another person to remind you to love Him. You always want someone else to encourage you to read you bible or even come to church. You don’t have personal reasons as to why you love Jesus,” he said.

According to Bishop Kiganda, the gospel presents Mary Magdalene as an eyewitness of Jesus’ death on the cross, and the first witness of His resurrection. Luke (8:2-3) includes the detail that Magdalene was a woman whom Jesus had freed from seven demons.

“For so many of us, it is easy to love especially when those we are loving are still alive and can observe the Love we have offered to them and can in return love us. Mary Magdalene loved Jesus beyond life. She anointed Jesus while alive, and did the same even at death. That is how far she was committed to love Jesus. she was propelled by what Jesus did for her,” Kiganda said.

“We should not love Jesus because of what He is about to do. He already did it. What He did 2000 years ago is more than what you’re praying for. He died on he cross because of you. He allowed to be humiliated, spat on, bruised, and became a sinner yet He was not one,” he continued.

“We have two categories of people here, those that are here seeking for what Jesus can do and those who acknowledge what He did for them 2000 years ago. What motivates/drives you. When you know that, then you will not need any man to motivate you to praise Him,” he added.

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