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First Lady alarmed by longer opening hours for bars

FILE: Janet Kataaha Museveni, wife to President Yoweri Museveni. Courtesy photo.

The First Lady and Minister of Education Janet Kataaha Museveni has called for bylaws that will control the opening and closing time for bars.

Should this be done, Ms Museveni believes men will take up their responsibility as heads of the family, “instead of leaving all the work to the women.”

She made these remarks during a talk show on Kapchorwa Trinity FM Radio, where she was last Tuesday, while on her countrywide school feeding and nutrition campaign trail.

Mrs. Museveni express sadness over men who she said go to the extent of selling off all the food that the women have harvested and spend the money, recklessly, in bars without thinking of the families welfare.

“I encourage the local government to come up with bylaws that will control the opening and closing times of bards and enable men to have time for their responsibilities, other than spending all their time in bars,” he said, according to a state linked news daily.

Mrs. Museveni said the parents must play their roles of providing food, clothing, shelter and health care for their children properly so that the children can also play their role of studying and performing well in calls.

By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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