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Simon Lokodo the minister of Ethics and Integrity while with the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs asked Parliament to transfer the powers to register, regulate and monitor faith based organization from the ministry of Internal Affairs to the ministry of Ethics.

His concern was that, faith based organizations mainly deal with spiritual and moral issues in society and should be regulated separately.

Father Simon Lokodo the minister of Ethics and Integrity Uganda.

Father Simon Lokodo the Minister of Ethics and Integrity Uganda.

In an interview with one media firm he emphasized that,

Faith has nothing to do with governance and service delivery and therefore such organizations should be registered and monitored separately from these other organizations. The ministry has already set up a directorate of religious affairs in the ministry to coordinate the organizations’ activities.

He continued to request parliament to put a transition clause in the Bill until the framework is put in place. In the legal framework, no individuals will be allowed to set up a church without clearance from the ministry.
His emphasis and concern was further more due to the escalating churches far and wide most of which are not registered and many of these sects go against national laws and ask people not to do many of the government programs that include education, voting, and medical health care among others.

With the course of action is in place, such religious organizations will be de-registered,” he said.

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