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Faith leaders told to pick a leaf from Jesus

File – Judge Mike Chibita. Courtesy Photo.

The Director of Public prosecution (DPP), Judge Mike Chibita has urged faith leaders in Uganda to pick a leaf from Jesus Christ, explaining that His genuine humility and compassion allowed Him to hold conversations with the least expected people at unexpected places.

Citing an in-depth study of the interesting encounter between Jesus and an unnamed Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well recorded in John chapter four, Judge Mike told religious leaders present in Lango Diocese in Lira district, to follow the foot steps of Jesus.

He made the remarks while opening a week-long convention organised by the Lango Diocese under the theme; Worship the Lord in truth and in spirit.

Judge Mike urged listeners to turn to God in repentance. “If all the people who go to church every Sunday and listen to the gospel do as they are told, the DPP would close the office in Lira,” he stressed.

Also present was the Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, who lauded the bishop of Lango Diocese, Dr Alfred Olwa, for the good work both at the Diocese and at the Bishop Tucker Theological College, Mukono.

Archbishop Ntagali was quick to resound his warming made in October 2017, when he implored youths to look for opportunities at home than abroad, “where many have been reported dead.”

Ntagali said that “the youth are lonely, jobless, others are being smuggled abroad to do weird jobs where they suffer.”

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