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‘Faith in God has kept me from idolizing acting’

Black Panther Breakthrough Star Letitia Wright.

Black Panther Breakthrough Star Letitia Wright, 24, has said she took a break from acting after becoming wholly obsessed with and dependent on the craft, to focus on her Christian faith.

She credits her success to her relationship with God, adding that “I don’t really consider myself religious. I view it more as a relationship. And if anyone thinks that’s weird, then okay.”

Wright’s interest in acting came when she saw a drama film, ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ and found the lead to be a positive role model.

Determined to act, she sent emails to different agents about her acting experience until she was picked for small parts. She starred in My Brother the Devil where she was recognized by Screen International as one of its 2012 Stars of Tomorrow.

This very month of February, Wright emerged as one of the lead actresses in premiered blockbuster, ‘Black Panther’, an all-American Hollywood film, one that placed her opposite heavyweights like Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan and Ugandan born British actor Daniel Kaluuya and Florence Kasumba, a German Ugandan actress.

“I was going through a lot, a very difficult time in my life and I just needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it. So I came off from it and I went on a journey to discover God, and my relationship with [Him] and I became a Christian,” Wright told U.K. ITV show “This Morning” earlier this month.

“It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure and I felt like I didn’t need validation from anyone else or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that, it was dependent on my relationship with God,” she added.

The actress said she is grateful for her faith which continues to keep her centered.

“I’m centered in who I am and I’m really grateful. I’m not perfect,” she said. “Especially as a Christian you’re not perfect. But you’re walking everyday and trying to just stay connected and yeah it’s helped me a lot so I’m really grateful.”

Wright has been doing a great deal of press for her latest film and also spoke about God in a variety report earlier this month.

She credited God with the reason her on-screen relationship with “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman worked so well.

“It was easy, and I’ll tell you why. I feel like it was ordained,” she told reporters. “I really, really feel like this is just a God thing. Even before I met him, I knew that he was going to play my brother.”

Meanwhile, The Ryan Coogler-directed movie has set a new box office record with an estimated $192 million for its three-day debut in North America, according to CNN.

Gospel music veteran Kirk Franklin, expressed support for the film, saying it represents hope for a community of people.

Christian Post reported this week that the blockbuster film, much as it isn’t a Christian movie, many churches have either hosted screenings or are buying tickets in bulk for youth to see it.

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