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Exodus announces collaboration with Fille

Multi Award-winning Gospel icon Exodus (R) and main stream powerhouse R&B songstress Fille Mutoni (L). Courtesy Photo.

Multi Award-winning Gospel icon Exodus and main stream powerhouse R&B songstress Fille Mutoni are set to hit the country radio and TV airwaves with their new single, “I wanna Know you.”

Exodus, original name Lubega George Timothy peaked fans’ curiosity on Saturday when he announced and confirmed the collaboration, stating that it is going to make listeners fall in love with their inner person once again.

“She’s never sang before like she sung on this one,” Exodus said referring to Fille.

Not much saw said in the statement aside from referral to the book of Proverbs. Fille has since kicking off her music career in 2013 received whooping airplay on both radio and TV Station.

She started out singing from church, however switched to main stream music. She however insists “I still do church Music and I am an ardent Christian. Being in the garage does not definitely make you a car. Besides, I do only inspiring, motivating and love music only.”

When recently asked by journalist why amidst all popularity, she has managed to stay down to earth?

she said: “I come from a humble background and I was raised to always be down to earth. That’s how I was raised and I am not about to change because I am. Besides, the God in me will always guide me and take the pride away.”

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