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Exodus and music awards

Singer Exodus. Courtesy photo.

Gospel music singer Exodus on Friday came out to refute results by The Uganda Music Awards [TUMA] when they announced worshiper and Pastor, Brian Lubega as ‘Gospel artist of the year, 2017.’

In his statement, the singer said you “you can’t claim to nominate 2017 and award 2014 unless research wasn’t done pretty well, or you didn’t have capacity enough to do so.”

Exodus said this is a sign that there’s already a great weakness in these awards, noting that Levixone and Cooply Bly have done well 2016-2017.

I totally have nothing against a brother [Brian Lubega], he noted. Exodus has won over 27 accolades in music and an estimated 48 nominations across the globe.

As Christians took to his [Exodus] Facebook wall reacting to the allegation, Brian Lubega issued a second statement in regard to his win saying, “Finally, I have learnt a principle in life that ministry is not about pressing your way forward in the line of prominent pastors, churches ,singers or anything popular but, being a faithful steward.”

He added, ” to every nominee in the category of the gospel artist of the year TUMA awards, thanks for the great work you do in the kingdom. You all deserve to win and [are] already winners in Christ Jesus.”

Ecodus’ post by press time had reached over 9.4k online readers. As some support his concern, critics find his attention on music awards “uncalled for.”

Some of the reactions

Tricky Litics said, “That’s very true my brother you and Levixone , you will always be the face of gospel music in Uganda. RIP TUMA Awards fake awards just.”

Kisekka Henry Zoe said, “Let me also put my humble and honest opinion across. The nomination list came out weeks back and someone saw something was not right with it but did not complain… (I assume it was may be because he never expected the fishy bit of it to emerge award winner) so all of a sudden, the unexpected happens and they raise alarm…This is actually cheap talk for gospel musicians. it is better left for the secular ones. I would rather they all focus more on building the kingdom than judging who deserved which award and when. There is a heavenly award that will be compared to none.”

Matiz Ibra Krupa said, “Yea your entitled to your opinion and your most loyal funs, but thats the way it is, some things don’t work the way.we expect, plus I thought you guys are past that level in industry where you need awards to sustain your credibility, stop whining and give us good music.”

Prince Mugabo George said, “I’m looking forward for imperishable rewards to all that serve God and not man! There is a contentment/ satisfaction that comes from the inside out knowing your service to God is acceptable even man don’t recognize it!”

Monique Nkore said, “Its not about the music, it’s about the sound in the music, its not about the song, its the Anointing in the song.. its about the God we hear or feel in the music, some songs are clearly soundless, however good they are, we see no point… the Anointing in a song always makes the difference, go back to your closet and seek God, till you get there.”

By Paul Dennis.

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