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Evangelist Morris Cerullo announces his farewell crusades

Morris Cerullo (born October 2, 1931) is an American pentecostal evangelist. He has traveled extensively around the world for his ministry. He hosts “Victory Today,” a daily television program, and has published more than 80 books.

Just one year ago, evangelist Morris Cerullo was expected to die from paralyzing vasculitis until a supernatural miracle intervened.

The renowned American Pentecostal Evangelist who has been in ministry for 72 years, has announced his final crusades, according to Charisma News.

The 87-year-old is scheduled to make five major stops in USA and UK, starting June to ending November 10th.

“God said, ‘America needs to experience once more my supernatural power – just like I healed you, I want you to take My healing power to London, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Washington, DC.,'” Cerullo is quoted as saying.

“I must be faithful to the Lord. I am calling on believers everywhere to stand with me—to pray with me—mark these dates down for a great harvest of souls and make your plans to join me.”

Each crusade will reportedly feature two power-packed days of impartation with expected salvations, healing, teaching, miracles, special music and the old-fashioned power of God.

Cerullo will host special Pastor Prayer Breakfasts in each city to personally minister and share his heart for these final crusades to bless the pastors and churches on the scheduled crusade stops, Charisma News reports.

The World Evangelism President in 2017 visited Uganda and spoke to a 5000 strong pastoral delegate during a miracle crusade overseen by Pastor Jackson Sseyonga.

In his book, an autobiography called ‘The Legend of Morris Cerullo: How God Used an Orphan to Change the World,’ Cerullo gets even more personal about his ministry journey.

According to the ministry website , Evangelist Cerullo will be joined by some or all of the following ministers during his crusades: Tommy Barnett, Pastor Gary Whetstone, Darryl Strawberry, Sergio De La Mora, Rev. Greg Mauro, Judy Jacobs.

Christian leaders from around the world have sent kind words of honor and tribute to Cerullo on the historic occasion of these final crusades:

Creflo Dollar said, “Dr. Cerullo never quits—he allows dreams and visions to come to pass. He has made a huge difference and mark in the lives of people all around the world. His anointing is needed right now.”

Joel Osteen  said, “Dr. Morris Cerullo is truly a legend among legends in the body of Christ. His teachings are inspired, his dedication undeniable and his influence global. His legacy will live for generations to come.”

Franklin Graham said, “Incredible Morris Cerullo has done so much. We thank him for his faithfulness to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. All that matters is that a soul is saved.”

“God has always looked for a man. He found that man in Morris Cerullo, who has been used mightily to take the gospel around the world. Morris is a man of great faith, and the power of the Lord has been mightily evidenced in his life,” Dr. Pat Robertson said.

Hill Song Pastor Brian Houston said, “Praise God for the life and the ministry of Dr. Morris Cerullo. So many multitudes have been impacted over all these years with the gospel and the power of God. Dr. Cerullo, thank you for a life well lived. We believe the days ahead for you are days of great strength and victory—as well as those who will be a part of this North American tour, where the needy cities of the U.S. are being reached. Thank God for you. and let’s all together be inspired by a life well lived like that of Dr. Morris Cerullo.

Dr. Bill Winston said, “”Whatever you do, get to one of these final crusades. You will be abundantly blessed and become part of history. Great ready to experience an outpouring of God’s anointing. When you do, you will never be the same.”

Rod Parsley narrated, “I am so proud to call Dr. Morris Cerullo my dear friend and one of the greatest apostles of any generation. I thank God for your truly remarkable legacy of 72 years of worldwide ministry. At 86 years young, he’s not finished yet. He’s taking a victory lap, conducting four historic farewell crusades. One in New York, one in Washington, D.C., another in Los Angeles and then in Toronto. I want to encourage you—do whatever you have to do to join one of these truly historic crusades. You’ll never ever have an opportunity again to be in the presence of one of God’s greatest generals operating with such power and anointing. Don’t dare miss it. In order not to miss it, make your plans and make them today.”

“Morris Cerullo is one of my great gospel heroes that I have known and been closely associated with for nearly 40 years. He’s blessed my life. He’s blessed this ministry. I want to encourage you to be at one of these final, historic crusades. You don’t want to miss this. Not only that, you need to support this giant in these meetings. Add your faith to his. You’ll be glad you did. You know why? Jesus is Lord,” Kenneth Copeland said.

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