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Engineer promoting the gospel set to mark 10th year

While doing some research about individuals who have come up to support Christian music in Uganda, I was able to interact with Blessed Charles Luzze Saava, the CEO of Blessed Gospel Promotions, which is an organization dedicated to promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving artists involved in all forms of gospel music by providing professional resources.

Blessed Charles, an electrical engineer by profession, is involved in everything from promoting and organizing events that uplift the gospel to educating artists who might be naive of the environment within the industry.

In Uganda today, Christian artists are challenged to produce (spirit-filled and high quality) music that impacts people and creates movements of massive salvation like it does in several countries.

Notably, you cannot speak of gospel music in Uganda and fail to raise challenges like financial constraints. Many attribute this to limited support from related stake holders and the christian audience itself that seeks a high level of production yet remains unwilling to pay for tickets to concerts let alone buy the music. Every time an artist faces such variable issues in the industry … the enthusiasm to the high mark seemingly gets lower and lower.

For Blessed Charles, these are some of the issues that prompted him to start praying for artists soon as he accepted Christ as His personal Lord and savior – the need to see transformation.

He doesn’t see promotion as a vocation but calling, so to speak, he says his ministry is an act of service to the Lord.

“I’m a born again Christian, 13 years now. When I got saved in 2004, I fell in love with gospel music (musicians) as I kept on asking God what he wants me to do as ministry. He did not respond immediately but after 3 years, He vividly called me into ministry and guess what, He called me to start praying, interceding, caring, loving Gospel musicians  – which I’m still doing to date,” he says.

“I did this faithfully and not long after, God gave me a promotion when He made me a Ugandan gospel promoter. This led to the birth of Blessed Gospel Promotions. We Promote Gospel music (Musicians), organize gospel events i.e concerts, gospel tours and crusades, we’ve events ushers who can work on weddings, introductions and Godly parties. We are also offer event management and planning,” he says

“We have served at the latest concerts of Hon Judith Babirye and Dr Rebecca Malope from South Africa and I have been on 110 gospel events. We bring our clients gospel musicians as an offer to delight guests,” he says.

Blessed Charles says his company has natured and mentored many musicians many of who will join him on 21st October 2017 in thanksgiving as he marks 10 years of ministry.

“l’m proud to serve musicians no matter my profession. All musicians by the Grace of God won’t be coming only to minister but to support me too,” he says.

Blessed Charles notes that Hon Judith Babirye will be the guest of honor. Other artists expected include Eleanor from Kenya.

The 11am – 11pm event at Mengo teacher’s hall will include drama, teachings, poem, giving of Awards, ordinations, documentary among others. Entry fee 70,000/=, platinum 100,000/=  and executive table 2 million.

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