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Don’t marry out of pressure, says Pr Freda Serwadda

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Don’t be pushed into marriage just because you think time is running out, Pastor Freda Serwadda of Victory Christian Centre Church – Ndeeba has said.

The wife to Dr Joseph Serwadda urged Christians to carefully consider the reasons why they need to get married, noting that wrong motives have fostered unfaithfulness among married couples in Uganda today.

She made these remarks while appearing on Dream TV’s ‘Family Matters’ show this week.

Getting married, Pr Freda explained, is something many Christians desire, however stewardship of singleness (which comes before marriage) is the first requirement.

“God has a purpose behind the formation of families. It is wrong to think that when crisis hits, one should quit the relationship. Once you have made the commitment, remain faithful and patient,” she said.

Pr Freda said if one is happy about who they have married, he/she is easily motivated to nourish the relationship even amid challenges.

“You do not use the challenges as an excuse to run out of the marriage of start being unfaithful,” she said.

“I know a couple of people who committed, not because they loved their partner, but because they thought time is running out. Sometimes you get pressured to marry when you just don’t have any interest in the idea. There should be readiness and preparedness,” she said.

“Certain people join marriage out of competition. when they see most of their counterparts commit, they do the same out of band wagon,” she added.

Pastor Freda noted that the foundation of any marriage determines one’s faithfulness in the relationship with time.

“It is better for a 30-year-old to patiently wait for their right partner even it it takes 5 more years, as long as you are fully persuaded it is the right relationship, and you are ready to commit and are happy with it,” she said.

By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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