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Don’t divert from the true mission – Pastors told

Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries founder, Pastor Noah Sematimba. Courtesy Photo.

The controversy among leaders has been a reality among God’s people for a long time. Nevertheless, Bible scholars will point out that the collapse of a leader’s ministry on moral grounds does not signal the collapse of Christ’s church.

The temptations for leaders are as real as they are for the rest of the Church, hence the need to recall that Church leaders need the gospel, too, for persistence in their pursuit of Christlikenes. 

“The reason why we have many young people aspiring to ministry today is not because they love God so much, its because they think ministry means; you have someone carrying your bible, phones and everything, and opens the car as you get in, gives you like five security guards – we think that’s the higher level,” Pastor Noah Sematimba of Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries says.

According to Pr Noah Sematimba, God demands a greater level of consecration from any gospel minister or Church leader who wants to be set apart for service and divine use.

“Because God is trusting you with a certain level of the anointing, He is expecting a greater level of consecration,” He explains, quoting Acts 17:30 which reads; In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.

The preacher made these remarks on Friday, speaking at Bethel Covenant Connection Church, where Gerald Rovis Misinde is lead Pastor.

He also raised an alarm over the twisted motives of some gospel ministers, urging that many come diverted from the priorities of the kingdom of God.

“When we get into greater realms of power and grace, all we think about is ourselves and how this can benefit us,” he said, urging that ministers of the gospel should not be focused on new privileges, but recall the responsibilities that come with the anointing.

Pr Sematimba, quoting Mark 10:42-43 said when one is graced for a greater level, they are being graced for a greater level of service.

If we can realign our thinking, Pr Noah noted, everything will change.

“God looks at you and sees your motives. Some of you ask out of your inferiority  – God wants to bring you to a place where you have no point to prove to anyone, where you are so complete and confident in Him that you have no point to prove to anyone,” he said.

“The kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost,” he said. “‘Meat and drink’ covers a multitude of things.  Ask God to take you to the place where these things mean nothing and God everything.”

He stated that over time pastors have allowed the world to influence the church.

“Ministry is servant-hood, and the more you grow in service, to everyone else, you might look like the meanest servant, but in the kingdom, you are accumulating accolades,” he added. “In Church, think that greatness is in how many people are serving you, instead of how many people are you serving. We have gotten a skilled idea of what ministry is.”

Using the Ark of the Covenant (Joshua 3) as an illustration Pr Sematimba said; “When God is taking you to a way you have not been before, you must – ‘keep the Ark in site’ –  You must keep God’s presence in site – because you have not been this way before.

“Without Him you will get lost,” he told the congregation.

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