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Don’t compromise the gospel over money – Pr Tom Mugerwa

Pastor Tom Mugerwa and wife, Pastor Justine Mugerwa. Courtesy Photo.

Well-known Pastor Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship (MCF) has urged Christian Ministries not to neglect or lower their set standards of God’s word over financial issues.

This was during the June 22 over night service, where the preacher announced that the Church had officially opened up a new MCF Radio branch in Fort portal district (96.0 FM).

In two weeks time, the same ministry will open up another station in Iganga. “We will do this until the gospel is spreads all across Uganda,” he said.

This announcement instigated Pr Mugerwa to bring to light the financial task the investment would bring to the Church, and was quick to note that the aim is to spread the gospel and not to accumulate wealth.

“Remember that our Radio does not air thing else aside the gospel. It is 100% gospel. There is no way we can have politics there,”

“There is no way we can say don’t drink alcohol, and they play adverts from the same companies that manufacture it. We cannot have such companies as sponsors for our programs,”

“These radios are expensive, but at whatever cost, we will stand. We shall never compromise,”

He cautioned that their are disparities between the church today and the church that was evident in scriptures.

Elsewhere, Pastor Tom Mugerwa urged that one of the most needed things among the body of Christ today is revelation knowledge of the Word of God.

He urged that Christians must have spiritual understanding and discernment because God’s Word is spirit.

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