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Don’t allow circumstances to keep you from obeying God

Pastor Peter Kasirivu. GCC Photo

By Male Marvin

Gaba, Kampala – Lead pastor of Gaba Community Church and host of the annual Renewal Summit, Peter Kasirivu has urged Christians in Uganda to trust and obey God even when the prevailing circumstances in life seem confusing.

This was said as he delivered his Christmas message on December 25.

Pr Kasirivu said many of the things God will call a believer to do will make no sense, “they will seem to be foolish. They will sometimes seem to go against the norm.”

“But if we are willing to trust and obey God, something good will come out of that situation,” he said.

He used Mathew 1:18-24 to explain that Christmas is about going out of our way to care for the vulnerable, marginalised and those who need our protection. 

“I Pray that God will raise men in Uganda who are like Joseph (the earthly father of Jesus). They are not very common people, who will raise the people that do not belong to them. Joseph was a man with a very big heart. He had a heart that was able to accommodate,” the Pastor said

“What we learn from Joseph is that he was willing to trust the voice of God despite the confusion he was going through. He decided to co-operate with God,” he continued.

“This Christmas God is asking us; are you willing to open your heart, to love those that may not be loved. To care for those that need someone to care. To be willing to go out of your way to spend time with those that need attention,” he explained.

“I know maybe in 2018, God challenged you and called you to a few things and some of them seemed to be very difficult, but if you were able to obey, I know you will rip the harvest. But also in the same way, for the coming days, as we step into 2019, God is going to ask you to do some very difficult things. Be willing to trust in Him and obey,” Pr Kasirivu said.

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