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Died in USA: How Pr Bagenda slipped into a coma for 7 days

The late, Pastor Charles Bagenda. Courtesy photo.

USA based Ugandan pastor Charles Bagenda remained in a coma for seven days without improvement until he passed away on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

While breaking the news of his passing to Christians at Praise Cathedral – Ntinda who had seen him preach in October last year, Dr Godfrey Kamese said he was friends with the late since 1987, and described him as a powerful intercessor and Pastor who embraced excellence in his ministration.

Doctors at West Houston Medical Center put Pastor Bagenda off life support machines after his brain failed to respond, to all treatment they could offer, for a prolonged period of time.

Pastor Charles Bagenda traveled to Uganda on a mission trip with several Pastors from Houston on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

He fell sick during the trip and returned to Houston for further treatment.

No one knew the intensity of his sickness till he fell off his bed with a stroke, with a side of the body, up till the brain affected. This prompted the caretaker the Pastor was with that evening to call 911 for emergency medical assistance.

He was admitted to West Houston Medical Center on Sunday, February 18. After under growing a thorough panel of tests he was transferred to ICU where his health condition continued to deteriorate till death.

Born October 8, 1970, he was senior Pastor at Houston Praise Community Church.

The late is survived by three children (all below 16 years of age) and one wife Betty, who was confined a few years ago, on the grounds that she is suffering from a “mental disorder”

“Our hearts are severely broken for his children and his family. The entire community is in excruciating pain for the loss of a loving father, a great Pastor, a humanitarian, and a man of God that has changed so many people’s lives,” Mr Joseph Muwonge, Ugandan-Houston Community Chairman said.

He added, “His work has not only transformed the lives of people in in Houston and Uganda, but also around the world in other spiritually impoverished communities.”

Preparations are being made for the return of Pr Bagenda’s remains to Jinja, Uganda where burial is expected to take place.

Meanwhile, a fundraising campaign was started February 20 to meet the pending medical expenses among other needs.

“We are struggling to raise the funds needed to cover all the expenses – Our hope is to put him to rest in honor and respect and always remember his significant contributions to the Lord’s kingdom. This situation is extremely urgent. There is no financial gift big or small. Every gift will push us closer to our goal,” Mr Joseph Muwonge said.

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By UG Christian News Correspondent.

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