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Desire the anointing, Pr David Bweyinda urges Christians

David Bweyinda

Does the anointing of the Holy Spirit even matter? Senior Pastor and founder of Redeemed Churches of Uganda, David Bweyinda has urged Christians to desire the anointing so that they can impact society and minister in power.

Bweyinda, who has been in ministry for 26 years, says if we’re going to experience lasting transformation through preaching, it will be the result of the Holy Spirit’s anointing of both the pastor and congregation.

He made these remarks 8 July at Yahweh House of Worship in Riverside, California – USA.

Christians are often taught that they have to recognise that God anoints His people – for a purpose! The impression is draw from among other scriptures Acts 10:38 in which Jesus was commissioned and anointed for a purpose. It is in the New Testament, according to theologians, that we first see the word anointing used in the context of power to heal, deliver and perform miracles.

“You don’t need too much makeup to make it. You need to have the anointing,” David Bweyinda said.

The preacher used the account of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 25:19-34 to explain that God can anoint Christians with His divine power to be able to take on any type of adverse situation that may come their way in life.

“You don’t need to fight no body, because heaven has already decreed,” he said.

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