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Cyrus Rod: When faith first came to Uganda

By Cyrus Rod

When FAITH first came to Uganda years ago, believers were taught that Jesus is coming any moment, they literally stopped planning for the future and many abandoned their employment and others quit school and would daily gather in churches to pray and pray.

That is how poverty started eating up believers and the world started calling us fools not because we had believed in Christ but because our lack of understanding had made us of no earthly value. By God’s grace believers realised that Christ is coming but we have to be of earthly value before He returns.

We woke up to go to school and also started embracing employment. We started becoming useful to society but many are still away from being taught God’s word and how to apply it, we are now desperately pursuing miracles and deliverance in the same way our forefathers sat waiting for Jesus to return!

Most believers hardly have any pastor at all. We subject ourselves to no authority but seek after signs and wonders while our lives are denying, through our actions, the Christ we claim to believe. Actions speak louder than words we all know yet we shout empty talk while the world beholds our actions and distances itself from us. Now, believers envy the world and desire to be more like the world yet we are supposed to be different. This is salt losing its saltiness, but there is still a remnant that counts the cost of following Christ in this world.


In a fatherless generation, orphans run with cash to any popular person to buy sonship.

The day you fall in trouble or your finances run down, it dawns on you that you have never really had a father, because they won’t associate with you anymore. Fatherhood does not begin with a son giving out money, but with a father laying down his life to accept and raise a son.

You don’t lose the orphan spirit by buying a father to tickle your itching ears but by subjecting yourself to the one God puts before you. Father is not in the fame but the name.

The Writer is Founder of Cyrus Rod Ministries and host of ‘Faith Walk’ which airs on Spirit 96.6 FM.

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