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Curable: Pastor healed of the AIDS virus

Healed of HIV/AIDS: Pastor (R) from Butambala District, Central Uganda testifies in jubilation before Robert Kayanja (L), the senior Pastor of Miracle Center Cathedral, Rubaga.

Despite decades of research leading to a vast improvement in our knowledge of the virus and the diseases it causes, there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS – at least for scientists.

For the Church at Miracle Center Cathedral, there is no such thing as incurable HIV.

The Church testifies to the miraculous healing of an HIV/AIDS patient from Butambala District, Central Uganda.

Also said to be a pastor, this lady’s HIV status was confirmed negative on attending the ongoing deliverance services labelled 77 days of Glory.

“When she came to the platform to testify, she danced so much rejoicing over what the Lord had done for them.” Miracle Center says, adding that her associate was also healed from cancer.

“I started preaching the gospel at a tender age, walking barefoot and putting on one cloth day after day. They used to call me mad, seeing that my head had grown short of hair. (This was because of the adverse effects of AIDS). Aids hurts, ” the healed Pastor said. “It really did. I wondered what I should do for God. I had to put on veils while preaching on the streets.”

This lady says that despite her condition, she just couldn’t stop telling people that God heals.

“I told God, as I tell people about your healing power, they are going to see how slim I have become. AIDS was so dangerous in the 1999. For 26 years I have preached the gospel. Jesus has paid me back.” She said with excitement, when one member of the church additionally handed her a new car to help during ministration.

“Preachers, preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ, it carries the seed of the future. I have learnt over the years that not everything that God puts in my hands is for me to keep.” Pr Robert Kayanja said.

After finding out that she didn’t have sound equipment for her ministry back in Butambala, Miracle Center offered her some equipment; a mixer, some cabling, some active speakers and a generator.

“We give the glory to Jesus for what He is continually doing in His people’s lives.” The Church says.

Follow the Live broadcasting on Channel 44 Here

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