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Coopy Bly unveils first-of-its-kind gospel video in Uganda

Screen capture. A scene from Coopy Bly’s new video, “Wakayima” a word that directly translates to “Mr.Hare” in the Luganda dialect. The song follows the childhood folk story of “Mr.Hare” and The Lion.

Gospel musician and producer, Emmanuel Kusaasira Edwin popularly known as Coopy Bly has released his latest music video, ‘Wakayima’, sending viewers abuzz over the creativity, powerful message embedded in the Four-minute clip.

In the fully animated video, the first of its kind in Uganda, he uses a popular folk tale to explain among others Proverbs 3:5, which teaches Christians not to depend on their own strength, but confront all giants with wisdom from God.

Coopy Bly spoke to UG Christian News to elucidate his inspiration behind animation for this particular project.

“I want this video to speak to every one – from kids to adults –  in a way that the song will be easy to understand even to people who don’t understand Luganda,” he said.

“The song is based on a child folk story, where Wakayima (Mr. Hare) using his wisdom, survived being eaten by Wampologoma (a big bully lion). Wampologoma passed a law in the jungle that a schedule had to be drawn where each of the animals was to come to his den to be eaten! At the end, the story is likened to the story of David and Goliath,” he added.

Coopy Bly said the that project wasn’t an easy one, thus commends the production team, Lab Rat Animation (Spire Creative).

“They took about four (4) months of full time handwork trying to make sure they pull off the concept and story line. I appreciate their patience, humility and flexibility because they took time and re-did everything I requested them to… And in the end a beautiful peace was delivered,” he said.

Watch the Video Here

By Aaron Sseruyigo, Alecho Karen.

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