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Coopy Bly, Robinsan return with ‘unstoppable’ duet

Coopy Bly (R), Robinsan (L) team up for “Unstoppable” tune.

Just a few days ago, award winning gospel musicians Coopy Bly and Robinsan revealed a new single that few were expecting, and they did so in a very public way.

The electronic duo took to social media to debut a new tune entitled “Unstoppable” with little warning.

There had been rumors that some new music was on the way, but since each had just recently engaged their audience – Robinsan returning from his wedding honey moon and Coopy Bly releasing ‘Wakayima’ and then off for vacation abroad – few could have imagined they would drop what could be another big tune so quickly.

“The message is basically from Jeremiah 29:11,” Robinsan said when approached by UG Christian News.

“Unstoppable,” as we report, has already topped several Christian radio stations countdowns.

“It’s an encouraging song saying don’t worry because God has got everything sorted, so shake your body.” Robinsan said.

Asked how the two came to the idea of a collaboration, Robinsan said:

“I met Coopy Bly and the wife – and she was like; you guys should work on another collaboration. We actually loved the idea, so Coopy Bly went back, started working on the beats with Cmert Keyz. He then called me back. He actually had the word “shake body” but didn’t know how to go around with it. I loved Coopy’s idea, so I went to create a pre-chorus which comes before shake Body. Then the song started.”

In 2014, Coopy Bly released a single with Robinsan labelled, ‘Nze Naawe,’ however one can undeniably tell that the two have made a lot of improvement since then, and have returned charged up to encourage masses.

“There’s a statement I made in the song which says,”Mukama akumanyi, nebyona byoyitamu abimanyi, era byonna byoyitamu obwo bujulizi bwo”. So my encouragement to every one is that God knows you and for whatever you are go through, your test will one day become a testimony.” Robinsan said.

Listen to “Unstoppable” Here

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