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Conference ignites passion for God’s word among Christian women

Christ’s Heart Ministries International team leader, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga (L) shares a light moment with Pastor Noah Sematimba (M), husband to Pastor Flavia Sematimba (R) at Omega Christian Hotel on Friday. Courtesy photo.

The Vitious Woman Conference organised by Christ’s Heart Ministries International has sounded an alarm for congregations to passionately pursue the truth and go deeper into personal study of God’s word.

One of the key note speakers, Pastor Flavia Sematimba, wife of Pastor Noah Sematimba of Breakthrough Miracle Life Ministries while addressing congregants at Omega Christian Hotel on Friday said that once the gospel is taught, as students, believers should go back and study it.

The conference was graced by internationally acclaimed worship leader, and recording artist Robin Mark, known for his songs “Days of Elijah”, “Revival”, “All for Jesus”, “The Wonder of The Cross” among others.

“When we come and teach the Word of God, go back and revise the Word. You have to be able to speak that sermon,” Pastor Flavia Sematimba said, quoting Acts 17:11 which says; Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

“When you begin to say the Word, it changes your thinking. When you begin to think, it changes your emotions. After a particular time, your emotions begin to become your decisions. And then when you begin to decide in a certain way, your decisions being to become your actions. And then as you begin to act after a long period of time, you form habits. And before you know it, those habits have become your character,” she said.

Pastor Flavia further made reference to James 3:2, explaining how an equestrian is able to bridle a horse.

“When riding, a bridle provides one with the ability to cue the horse, letting it know what one’d like it to do,” Mrs Ssematimbe said, urging that the same happens with the confession of God’s word.

“Scripture relates the bridle to the tongue. In other words, your tongue is the driver to your destination – If you are confessing the Word of God, the bible says you are able to bridle your whole body. Whatever you are going through is huge, but it can be turned by the Word of God. You need to change your tongue,” she said.

“It has nothing to do with your situation, or the fact that you are woman. The determining factor is your tongue. Our words control our whole body. We are talking about life at 360 degrees. We want to turn around. Set your tongue. Get your bible and begin to look for what the Word says about your situation,” she explained.

Adding: “In the book of John 1:14, the bible says; and The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. How will the word dwell among you, if you do not speak it. can we set our bridle as women. Let us turn away from rumormonger. you can use your tongue to build your life, family, children.”

As UG Christian News reported earlier, Pastor Deborah Mbuga, wife to Bishop Isaiah Mbuga with whom they host the conference told media the ministry believes in raising men and women who are ready to serve in the contemporary world with reverence to God.

In describing the Virtuous Woman Conference, Pastor Deborah Mbuga said that the unique aspect is having men and women share personal and insightful life experiences.

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