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Competition in Ministry: Watoto Pastors say ‘the sky is big enough for every star to shine’

Media personality Joel Ssenyonyi (L) interviews Pastors Julius Rwotlonyo (M), Andrew Kimuli (R) at Watoto Church on Friday, 3rd August, 2018. Others were Graham Tugume, and Kenneth Kanzairwe. Courtesy photo.

Watoto Church down town last Friday ‘unplugged’ Pastors from its different celebration points including Julius Rwotlonyo, Graham Tugume, Kimuli Andrew and Kenneth Kanzairwe.

The Pastors offered the congregation insights into the marks of a godly man, revealing that the moment you recognise that any gift, any place of position God has given you is not for you, but to serve, “then you start to use power in its right perspective.”

The session was modulated by outspoken media figure, Joel Ssenyonyi who jocularly maintained pace with each of the preachers.

On ministry competition, Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo backed Pastor Kenneth Kanzairwe who spoke against competition and urged that it is important for gospel ministers to find out their purpose and pursue that.

“I don’t think it is right for us to compete. Competing means I want to be better than you, but each one of us has our own race. Each one of us has our own lane. Each time you look at the other person’s lane, you are wasting your own time,” Pr Kenneth said.

“The most important think is to find out your purpose. What is your vision? Pursue that. When we begin to compete one with another, we are going to lose sight of our lane,” he added.

Pr Kenneth nevertheless noted that God has created us with a desire to do well, and to improve what we are able to do.

Pastor Julius Rwotlonyo said a preacher’s value does not come from whom they outperform. He said that the goal in ministry is to practice the highest stewardship of the talents and capabilities God gave each of us.

“When we think of the idea of competition, we tend to have this mindset of sports which is, ‘the one who wins is the best.’ Winning in sports is based on some other people, so it becomes a competition. But with God winning is not dependant of others, it is dependant on the purpose that He has placed in you. When you finish your purpose for God, in his mathematics, you have won,” Julius said.

“God has created all of us with a purpose and an opportunity to win. Someone once said, and it changed my perspective on competition; the sky is big enough for every bird to fly. Birds don’t compete in the air, they just fly the way they were designed. Also, the sky is big enough for every star to shine. We can all be great for the purpose of God’s kingdom,” he continued.

Adding: “I don’t need to be great so that I can out compete you, I just need to be the best that God has created me to be.”

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